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Prepare To Be Inspired...



For those of you who know Karen and I you'll be well aware that we LOVE to talk.

We speak to each other everyday, we see each other most days and we socialise together frequently! We can basically while away days on end chatting about everything from business to beaches to the best bubbles.

We also love chatting to others and one question we often get asked is why did we start our business?

The idea came because (we felt) there was a gap in the market in our area but also because we continue to be inspired by amazing people.

Outstanding athletes, sporting achievements and those who are smashing their business goals by following their dreams.

So here we are and while we continue to expand ExposePro by growing our client base and hitting their targets, we also want to inspire others too. 

In our bid to do this - inspire, encourage and educate people through sports business - we believe celebrating those who have already walked that path is a great way to do it.

What drives us in business is other people, which is why we're launching our 'In Conversation With..." series.

We’ve got a brilliantly diverse selection of entrepreneurs lined up, offering different perspectives on experience, success and crucially failure!

If it's good to talk, it's even better to listen.

Watch this space...




Sports Club and Sport Business Promotion

Nowadays there is huge competition to make your sports business or club stand out in the marketing crowd. Having a team of talented athletes isn’t always enough to help you drive traffic and revenue. To reach your potential and expand your network, you must really nail your online presence.