Marketing and PR - Do I need an Expert?

Emery Arsenal.jpg

A lot of people ask why we do what we do. “Why do I need someone else to take care of my social media channels when I can do it myself?”

And it’s a very good question. 

But the truth is a campaign done well can be hugely effective, while any mistake can be costly.

How detrimental is obviously variable, but being in control of YOUR news is the key factor.

Arsenal were the victims of an online ‘mishap’ when new manager in waiting Unai Emery seemed to confirm his own appointment – before the club had!

On his own website which is listed on his official Twitter page, he published an image with the text: 

 "Proud to be part of the Arsenal family." 

And then, just like that, it was gone, replaced by a big 404 error. 


Clearly this was just an error, with no malice attached, but given this is Arsenal’s first managerial appointment in the modern era, you’d think they’d have liked to get it absolutely right.

They did formally confirm his appointment shortly afterwards, with Emery replacing Arsene Wenger who lasted more than 22 years in charge. 

We’re not sure how well this bodes for Emery’s tenure at the Emirates if he can't get a simple job announcement right!

So what are the benefits of working with a PR and Marketing Agency and employing someone to take charge of social media on an ongoing basis? 

The truth is, digital marketing is only effective when done with a concise plan and consistency of tone. Similarly, a PR strategy will help you target your message to the right audience and the right publications at the right time.

Posting to your channels on an ad hoc or reactive basis, is useful and necessary for your digital marketing activities, especially when engaging with real time events. 

But without a solid plan in place underneath, delivering key messages and underlying points, your digital marketing activities are likely to be half hearted and lost, while your social media channels will certainly not be gaining the ongoing traction and attention they could be. 

By determining your goals you will have a clear purpose for your digital marketing and PR strategy and maximise the success of these activities. If you don’t have this plan, it will be harder to measure the impact of your efforts.

Being prepared also avoids any embarrassing mishaps – like Unai Emery! Someone leaks the news of your launch or appointment of an important role within the company and you find your headline news suddenly becomes yesterday’s news before you’ve had the chance to expose it. 

Putting your faith in the hands of the professionals helps alleviate this issue, while delivering results.