Sports Club and Sport Business Promotion

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Online Is Where It’s At

Nowadays there is huge competition to make your sports business or club stand out in the marketing crowd. Having a team of talented athletes isn’t always enough to help you drive traffic and revenue. To reach your potential and expand your network, you must really nail your online presence.

The internet has made promoting anything easily accessible and affordable to even the smallest consumer and it’s now a lot easier to get your message out there. Spreading the word about your business will help you gain new followers, but also help increase interest from collaborators and potential sponsors. 

The first thing that people do nowadays to find out more about any subject is jump online and ask  a search engine. People have their heads glued to their mobile devices and no longer need to be at a desk when searching for their information. They are looking to be entertained on the bus, on their commute, while waiting in a queue and more and more devices are being used to watch live sport and also to search for game-related content during events.

It’s therefore important that your marketing strategy is creative and clever enough to engage modern fans - using videos, infographics and pictures. Visual content like this gives life to your ‘product’ whether that’s a club, team, athlete, announcement or event and encourages fans to share your content.

Have Your Website Up to Scratch

Never underestimate the power of your website. With the advancement of new social media platforms and their powerful targeting tools, it is easy to neglect your website. The website should be central to your digital marketing strategy. Think of your website as the main island, and your social media channels as the tool to traffic the audience towards your website. 

Anyone who is looking for information about your organisation, brand or event will be directed to your website. This platform will not only be available for fans but also new potential additions to your club/association, sponsors and press so it is imperative that your website gives a good impression. 

If you are a new business or club, there are many website content management systems which are more affordable options to a start up, such as Wordpress or Squarespace that allow you to easily create and maintain a self-hosted website within minutes. 

Not only is Wordpress free, open source and highly customisable, the platform is also easy to navigate and manage. However it is important that your website serves its purpose. Here are a few important points to consider when creating your website:

    •    The Design: Around 75% users will leave your site if it is not properly designed with an attractive and easy to use layout.

    •    The Speed: Your website should be quick to load. Anything that takes more than 2 seconds is slow, including images. As per reports, about 40% users will close your site if it’s too slow. You can use a speed testing tools like pingdom to check how fast or slow your site is.

    •    The Content: Content is the key- make sure to have SEO friendly, original content that includes a mix of written content, images and videos. With a sports website, you can include match reports, highlights, and interviews with players.

    •    Provide Information: Provide your visitors all the information they need, including information about your team or business, the latest events and also contact information.

    •    Be mobile friendly: With 80% users using mobile devices to access the web, and 20% of these using ONLY mobile devices, it is important to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Show Us Your Story

Every club or business has a story. By working with your team or staff you can create engaging content which will attract your fans. Followers are passionate about their sport and affiliation and will engage with you online if you give them the opportunity to by creating content which inspires them. Many fans live and breathe for the latest highlights and through engaging content you can create community of avid followers.

The Power of Social Media 

Your website is your central hub of information and somewhere you can monitor the traffic from your social media channels, therefore measuring how effective your posts are. Your social channels will be the first place to be updated with information, reaction or the latest business news. Content should be engaging and thought provoking with clear strategy, but you should also utilise the sophisticated targeting within the social media platforms that enables you to target your message directly to the people who want to hear it.

Don’t Forget Your Offline Effort

While your efforts online are important it doesn’t mean that you should ignore your offline efforts. The best PR or marketing strategy should involve a combination of both, and both should run in tandem and compliment each other. 

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