The football season is almost done for another campaign, Wimbledon is fast approaching and The European Tour is swinging into Wentworth for the BMW PGA Championship.

It all means one thing. Summer. Is. Coming!

And so are the school holidays.

Before the end of term though, parents find their calendars awash with rehearsals, concerts, inductions and THE most important day of the year – Sports Day.

The highlight of the annual calendar and a day that transforms relaxed, composed adults into the fiercest competitor…

Long gone are the days of kicking off your espadrilles and tearing down the grass in your culottes, hair wildly flowing in your slipstream, while your little cherubs cheer you on.

Cardigan wearing mothers have been replaced with lycra-clad, finely tuned ‘athletes’ ready to psych out their fellow competitors after weeks of training.

As parents push themselves over 100m and use every trick in the book to win, the pressure they appear to feel is immense. But where does it come from and what impact does it have on the children?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that many schools nationwide have now banned the parents’ race.

This day is about kids expressing themselves through sport, learning the value of taking part and the true ethics of sport - winning and losing.

Sport has huge value and teaches qualities transferrable to every other walk of life.

It instills lifelong principles that will mould their character and guide them in their path of development.

The greatest athletes are those who win well but are also gracious in defeat. Surely those rules must apply to us adults at the local sports day event?